This Is Vanity (2013) 

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Dir. Oliver Goodrum | 21 mins | English | Stream & Download

This Is Vanity by Oliver Goodrum is a devastating film, which unflinchingly presents the real life story of a mother and her disabled daughter tormented by local youths. Excluded from any conventional lines of personal support, Angela’s pleas to the authorities are futile as she and her daughter slip between the cracks of society–– far out of reach from reason and humanity. Their bully is Michael, a local teen, who will provoke a familiar clutch of panic in anyone who has lived in fear of aggression. It is the familiarity of the hate and hostility that they encounter that wrests us from our impassivity.

Winner, Best Short Drama, Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2013 | Winner, Audience Choice, Bermuda International Film Festival 2013 | Official Selection, London Independent Film Festival 2013 | Official Selection, Hoboken International Film Festival 2013)

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on July 25, 2014 at 4:40pm

Not one bad piece so far as far as the movies are concerned. Based on a true story yea, i was thinking halfway this is so cruel it can only be real cos thats just what humans are


on July 25, 2014 at 12:12am

Though they both say "drama" when streaming; this is the second movie I have watched from that "Weird" bundle that I bought, and it's also the second time I have absolutely no idea why it was in there.
This movie was not weird. At all. It was extremely moving, depressing, and hard to watch. It was so masterfully done it SHOULD be a five, however due to the nature of it and how horrifically depressing it is, I can only rate it a four. I wish it could have had a happy ending, but I understand why it was so. For those that can't stand endings that are unhappy, I would recommend stopping at 16:06...though it wouldn't do the film justice.