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Melissa Gunasena

Everyone is talking about the Mayan Prophecies of 2012. But who is listening to the Maya? This film brings us the voices of the Mayan people as they share their perspectives on the prophecies of their ancestors and their fight to defend Mother Earth and their culture from destruction. 2012 The Mayan Word is both a message of hope and a call to action. Featuring testimonies from contemporary Mayans throughout Mesoamerica, from spiritual guides to activists, community leaders, farmers, artists, teachers, and children, this film is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Mayan struggle and spirituality.


Melissa Gunasena

  • At 12:41 on 15 Mar 2012

    In this eye opening interview we are given some behind the scenes access to the creation of the documentary ‘The Mayan Word’ by the film’s director Melissa Gunasena. For those who have not yet seen the trailer (which is a must) it is on her site to which this interview links below. This is her second major production, following the much acclaimed documentary film ‘Evolving Minds‘...click on link for more

  • At 12:44 on 15 Mar 2012

    Video Interview with director of 2012 Mayan Word


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on May 04, 2012 at 5:42am

This documentary is excellent! I have been recommending it to everyone I know. I can't express what it did for me personally. As someone who has been involved in the study of indigenous healing for a very long time, it touched me very deeply. I have been growing extraordinarily disillusioned and hopeless lately. I have been pursuing an anthropology degree and have had a profound crisis of faith that anything I am doing is worthwhile in the light of global injustice. What this film did was inspire me. Watching these speakers and hearing their words reminded me of the peace and joy I have felt in my time spent with indigenous people here in the states and in my travels in Mesoamerica and the Amazon. More importantly, it reminded me of what many indigenous people have to teach us- there is so much but the most important thing for me is the ability to remain strong and maintain traditions in the face of relentless oppression and colonization efforts. By seeing the strength of those who stand up to the threat of death and brutality, I felt a sense of shared strength and solidarity. How can I give up when they never have? Please understand I am not trying to cast all indigenous people in the same light or romanticize or simplify them. I am trying to say many have something precious that I feel is the very thing we are missing in places like the USA. I believe the lack of this is what is destroying the world. I believe the struggle of indigenous people for their right to their land, their natural resources, their traditions, and self-determination is truly the struggle of all humans, if we can realize it. If they lose, we all lose, in my opinion. I cant really say what I want to say in words without risking misinterpretation, but hopefully my sentiment will come through. SEE THIS MOVIE! (note: I am currently looking for a long-term volunteer situation to strengthen my understanding of indigenous struggles and social-justice organizing, with the goal of bringing the knowledge of global indigenous struggles back to the USA ... along with the spirit and methods being used by indigenous groups to organize and resist. My hope is I can use any voice or power I have in the USA to contribute. Please message me if you have any leads!)


on April 25, 2012 at 11:44pm

@Undercurrents Yup i know how to use .torrent
The error was mentioned was from a torrent application. But it works now, movie can be downloaded now. Will watch when I have the time. Thanks


on April 23, 2012 at 2:35pm

It works fine as you have downloaded a torrent 'tracker' file.
You need to install an application like Miro or Vuze to download the film. (getmiro.com if you want to do it)

Many many people use torrents but if you dont have the app the file you downloaded wont make any sense.

The beauty of torrents is that once 2 people download the film, they automatically become broadcasters so the 3rd person to download is actually downloading from the 2 other people- thus a lot faster and it means there are more copies out there.

The more people who download it, the faster it is for everyone.


on April 20, 2012 at 9:59pm

The documentary looks good and important for the masses, but it cannot be downloaded. The client throws following error: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.

FIx it guys!!!