Yellow Lights (2007) 

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Kevin Tostado & Tom Kochem

Brian (Bennett Chabot) is a smart, athletic student going to school near Boston. Ever since he was dumped by his old girlfriend, he just hasn't been able to move on.

When Brian meets Alex (Aja Munsell), a Wellesley student, he immediately becomes attached, but he's terrified of being hurt again.

Meanwhile, his friend Chris (Andrew Tsang), tired of being in a relationship where he isn't appreciated, begins to pursue another option - June (Amanda Hurley), another close friend of Brian. Disapproving of their actions, Brian meddles, and his friendships are seriously jeopardized.

In order to have any kind of meaningful relationship with Alex and maintain his friendships, Brian must overcome his painful past and his need to be in control. Written, produced, directed, and edited by first-time filmmakers Kevin Tostado and Tom Kochem, Yellow Lights is a story about enjoying things for what they are, taking risks, and going for it.

Kevin Tostado & Tom Kochem

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