Half Empty (2010) 

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Troy Carlton

A feature comedy of coincidence that occurs between two strangers, Sam, who gets hired a Icon Sports, and Adam, who has just been fired...from the same job. They don't learn how much they actually have in common until Sam finds some guy's wallet in the cushions of his girlfriend's couch. Adam's wallet.

Each wants what the other has, and fate intercedes to give them what they deserve in this feel-good-being-bad indie.

Grand Prize Winner - AmericaFree.TV Virtual Film Fest (2010)
Award of Merit - Accolade Competition
Official Selection - Cucalorus Film Festival


Troy Carlton

  • At 00:57 on 15 Feb 2012

    Publicity Release for "Half Empty" Grand Prize win at AmericaFree.tv Online Film Festival.

  • At 00:40 on 08 Sep 2012

    Review from Mike at MatchFlick, "The Jill Universe".


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on December 07, 2012 at 5:13am

Haha, this is GREAT! I laughed my ass off. Loved the dialogue most of all, but it took serious acting to make it real. (Where did you find the actors? They're really good!) The only constructive criticism I can say is that at certain times, the dialogue was a bit too quiet.

Don't stop making films! I can't wait to show this one to my friends.