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David Di Muro
drama, suspense, teen, voodoo, supernatural

Director/Producer: David Di Muro
Year: 2012
Language: English
Subtitles: English; Spanish

Set in Sydney, Australia, Deadside follows the story of a young British girl named Sara whose life is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious man named Boli Shah starts pursuing her. She is eventually drawn into a mysterious world of Voodoo, ancient mysticism, martial arts and the Yakuza gangster underworld. Sara is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior known as Ogunte, who must stop Baron Samedi, Guardian of the Dead, from crossing his armies over from Deadside into the world of the living.

The Deadside pilot episode was produced with just $5000 in crowdfunding and involved a team of 100 cast and crew providing $150,000 of work and resources for 17 days shooting over 14 locations and 3 months of post-production. More than just a production proposition, Deadside presents a model for using the influence of entertainment for the benefit of charity. The creators are using their support and influence to assist vital charitable work and aim to follow this model in raising funds to properly finance the team in completing the show, either as a 13-part series or as a feature film.

After trialling on VODO in advance of this feature release, the Deadside pilot was given a theatrical premiere at Fox Studios in Sydney and all $1,443.80 in profits raised were donated to Youth Off the Streets - a charity helping young people facing deep emotional strife and homelessness. The next Deadside Charitable event has been arranged for August 29 in support of Lions Club International and is expected to raise $4,800.

The Deadside production team aims to raise an initial P2P fund of $50,000 to support further fundraising from multiple sources. They aim to realise Deadside as either a 13 part season of half-hour episodes, or a feature film, depending on the scale of support generated.

"We aim to create a fully funded series using P2P audience support to underpin extensive fundraising through sponsorship and philanthropic investment. We hope to raise at least $300k per episode - twice the value of work in-kind associated with the pilot. This will allow us to produce each episode with much more elaborate stunts, special effects, martial arts choreography, production design, art-direction and overall polish to rival major studio and network productions. Our driving commitments are to release the final product via the Creative Commons and to use the popularity and influence of the show to raise funds for charity."

"By the end of October of this year we will assess our progress and determine what can be made. If we have enough to secure funding for 13 episodes of the show, we will proceed with shooting the rest of the series back-to-back for release beginning next year. If we find that we don't have a big enough budget for an entire season, we'll shoot as many episodes as we can, or may opt to shoot a feature film based on the story and characters.".

"We want to prove a successful business model that takes responsibility for community and the greater good. Support us in creating Deadside - an awesome action packed supernatural adventure show. Help us build an audience and fans by spreading the word of what we are trying to do. We promise to work as hard as possible to make the season or feature film as awesome as we can. We will use our influence to support charitable organisations through promotions and fundraisers. We are already doing it - we just need more help. By proving this model works, and making this show successful, we can hopefully spur bigger studios and other business into doing the same."

"Thank you for your support!"
David Di Muro - Director/Producer

Director/Producer in conversation with CNET:

International theatrical premiere at Fox Studios by Dragon Vision Productions:

Youth Off The Streets gift-giving:

Cheque Handover to Youth Off The Streets

Additional Links

David Di Muro

  • At 09:31 on 11 Apr 2012

    deadside international premiere Fox Studios, Sydney Australia went off with a bang and received an excellent welcome.

    ALL ticket sale proceeds were donated to the charity "Youth Off The Street".

    Local papparazzi and Dragon Media where on hand to cover the event.

    The event was sponsored by Voodoo Espresso, Schlossgold Beer & Sign-A-Rama Surry Hills

  • At 04:59 on 12 Apr 2012

    deadside fatured prominently in various print media in Sydney, Australia as it is the first show which features such a great multicultural cast.

  • At 08:35 on 13 Apr 2012

    CNET Australia get the scoop and break the story on deadside and

  • At 08:36 on 13 Apr 2012 cover deadside's online launch via


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on May 11, 2013 at 12:35pm



on May 09, 2013 at 6:21am

how to download here?


on March 11, 2013 at 6:52pm

Over 100,000 downloads through VODO - well done Team sl8it!


on February 13, 2013 at 2:57pm

wow this is one of the great indie film


on September 07, 2012 at 11:23pm

Wow. Really well done pilot. Can't wait to see more!


on May 15, 2012 at 5:19am

Reading the comments below, I think I did it the right way: first donate, then watch the HD 1080p version offered as reward from the beginning.

This pilot is amazing. It has great acting, story, suspense, ("kung fu") choreography, soundtrack and visual quality.

Nothing about this looks like a mere $5000 production, seeing the sheer number of people listed in the ending credits I'd have guessed something like the $150k "virtual" production costs SL8it mentions (or should we say losses? :-).

Sincerely hope that there will be more episodes.


on May 17, 2012 at 1:16pm

Hey :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the HD version! We hope to make many more episodes. There is more craziness in store coming in the next episodes!


on April 16, 2012 at 2:16pm

Hi TX :)
Thank you for your review. I apologise for the caps lock shout - but I have received feedback from non-torrent users they were completely lost at how this whole thing works. So just wanted to make sure they don't miss it. Maybe I should just have stuck to a h2 tag :)

The offer for the $2 or $5 direct download options is there because currently the HD version is not up via torrent, but will be soon when it goes in the spotlight release I'm guessing. Since we are based in Australia and VODO in the UK it takes a while to get things organised. Even so we will continue to offer the $2 and $5 versions at higher bitrates than whatever is eventually listed at 1080p via torrent. Like an 8GB bluray version. It also allows non-torrent types to purchase a direct download from our host if they don't want to use peer-to-peer stuff. Just read some of the comments in this CNET FB article from users to see what I mean - the general public is still very paranoid about torrent releases:

So we will list a HD version as soon as VODO is able to.

Regarding the budget. We spent $5000 Australian dollars to make this, but that does not include cast salaries, composer salaries, location agreements, props, productions design etc It took 16 days of filming across 14 locations and involved about 100 cast and crew - just check the credit roll :) When we actually balanced the "in-kind" cost of everyone's contributions if they had all been paid award wages and expenses had been compensated it came out to be around $150k if we had done everything by the book. Maybe the resolution doesn't do it justice but once you see it in 1080p later you may change your mind about it not being worth $150k - film making is very expensive - especially once there are stunts and action sequences etc to be considered. For example we shot 12hours of footage to cut that 30minute story. It was a monster to edit :)

So in the long term it is not sustainable to expect everyone to keep working for free, but at the same time we appreciate we want to give this work away so everyone can be entertained - especially people in developing countries who normally do not get this kind of production for free. So we are working hard at creating a new funding model and the money and support will help us convince the powers that be, that giving content away works in building brand recognition. Removing the onus from consumers ie. getting rid of DRM and encouraging sharing. We hope to ultimately achieve this with merchandise and sponsorship support - so we can work on modest salaries, producing a great show on a sustainable funding model, giving fans free entertainment. The cliche win/win situation.

I appreciate your support and thank you for your time. Feel free to tell me what you think about my comments, as I am very interested in discussion.

BTW could I please re-post your review? credited to you?

Thank you!


on April 15, 2012 at 7:19am

Hmm, that was a quite interesting pilot so far. The voodoo topic definitely is a good one for an internet series and leaves a lot of possibilities and potential for unexpected twists plot wise.

I really liked the multicultural aspect and together with the fighting and humour reminded me a little of Dead or Alive, the movie, or Kill Bill. Speaking of the humour, you have a very special one and good feeling for that: In those two fighting scenes it's just a split of a second, but that was enough to somehow leave a smile on my face (e.g. the cool way of paying the bill at the restaurant or the older lady there, or the "Ohh!" of the homeless person), it's a good way to spice the scene up a little and to give the viewer a little relieve in this otherwise very serious movie.

Emotions were very well captured by the close ups, their lightning and the camera focus. The overall acting was quite ok. In some scenes I had the feeling of watching a high school theater play though (e.g. the first scene - not sure whether that was due to the weird camera angles or the acting).

The contrast between the first and second scene was a great idea though. While the first scene was very dark, but still colourful, the second one was very light and all in white.

Although I'm actually not such a fan of action movies, the restaurant scene was one of my favourite ones.

The nerdy psychiatrist was hilarious :).

The colours at the home of the voodoo lady were very beatiful, their laughing felt very genuine.

Finally, the open end together with the visions gives you a clew about what might happen next and makes you want to see more. I'm especially wondering whether the police men will be able to figure out what has really happened or whether they'll just accuse Sara.


First I thought about criticising the 624x352 Xvid format as especially the dark scenes are quite hard to make out with it and look a little "amateurish" . But then I noticed you are offering HD versions for download after donating $2 or $5 (which is not that obvious - and you have to be careful, maybe this might lead to a worse perception due to people underestimating this movie?). I don't know yet whether I find this a good or a bad thing (for viewers and creators), whether it seems to make sense or not. Especially for the many Creative Commons fans here on VODO this might seem a little hypocritical, making them wonder why the creator has chosen CC at all.

So far I had understood the donations target as sort of an indicator of how much the movie on this page has cost. But, no offence, I doubt that this pilot is worth $150'000. If it refers to the estimated production cost of the whole series instead (with how many episodes?), then you should add some more details about expenses and future plans, showing your project management skills, too. PioneerOne for instance was pretty good at and open about that.

I liked your efforts of making this short youtube video explaining step by step how to download this movie via VODO/bittorrent. A more general version of this, that's probably something VODO should make and offer themselves! However I found your shouting/capslocking a little offensive ;).


Thanks for sharing this quite entertaining pilot! Keep us updated about your future plans and progress of this series!


on April 16, 2012 at 3:05pm

Oops instead of replying directly I created a new post. It's just above :)