The Notorious Newman Brothers (2009) 

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Retro Films Entertainment

Gangsters have been covered before, but never like this! Join Max Chaplin, one of films most inexperienced directors, as he struggles to document Paulie and Thunderclap Newman on their ascension to mobster mediocrity. Hoping to penetrate the brothers' tight bond, Max goes deep inside the duo to uncover the truth about wiseguys, their influences, wizard ladies, mammoth hair jackets, mobster charades, a little bit of manslaughter and easily one of the biggest dope deals of all time. So do yourself a f**king favour and see The Notorious Newman Brothers, the film the Mafia wish never got made!

Retro Films Entertainment

Preferring analog to digital, film grain to high definition, Retro Films Entertainment is a Toronto based production company picking up where 1979 left off. Raised on a healthy dose of films from the '60s and '70s, filmmaker Ryan Noel formed Retro Films Entertainment as a vehicle to not only produce the type of films that he would want to see, but to also carry forth the idea that filmmaking is a true art form... a notion that's been absent from mainstream cinema for far too long. Can you dig it?

  • At 06:19 on 15 Dec 2011

    "Reminiscent of Trailer Park Boys, The Notorious Newman Brothers possess an off-the-cuff, foul-mouthed charm." -

  • At 06:22 on 15 Dec 2011

    "A hilarious and bizarre look at the gangster-film pastiche." - Josh Samford, Rogue Cinema

  • At 06:27 on 15 Dec 2011

    "Like the Apatow gang, the Butlers and Noel have a crude charm and a great chemistry that make this flick a joy to watch." - J Brewington, Hollywood is Talking

  • At 06:32 on 15 Dec 2011

  • At 06:36 on 15 Dec 2011

    "This film is utterly hilarious... one of the funniest films of the year!" - Chip Parton, Sins of Cinema

  • At 06:40 on 15 Dec 2011

    "Thank goodness for indie films... brilliantly creative."

  • At 06:44 on 15 Dec 2011

    "So good you'll want to watch it more than once."

  • At 06:48 on 15 Dec 2011

    "The Notorious Newman Brothers is a movie you must see!"

  • At 06:51 on 15 Dec 2011

    "Profane, insane and all-terrain... absolutely hilarious." - J.C. Masek III, Worlds Greatest Critic

  • At 06:56 on 15 Dec 2011

    "It will no doubt be interesting to see what they come up with next."

  • At 06:59 on 15 Dec 2011

  • At 07:01 on 15 Dec 2011

    "The fact that these guys made an 80-minute feature this funny and entertaining on a budget of only $500 is nothing short of amazing." - Geof Capodanno, The Man-Cave

  • At 17:51 on 14 Feb 2012

    "Sometimes it's the no-budget films that are more funny and striking compared to the blockbusters that Hollywood has to offer. The Notorious Newman Brothers is one of these films." - Frost Click


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on June 03, 2013 at 9:18am



on October 06, 2012 at 4:34pm

Thanks Gergith! Now help spread the word or your life could come to a thought provoking ending.


The Newman Brothers.


on October 06, 2012 at 10:43am

Wow! I was not expecting a thought provoking ending! Oddly good film :)


on March 11, 2012 at 1:23am

I honestly don't really know what to say about this movie. I don't know yet whether I liked it or not. Well, it's definitely trashy. Reminds me a bit of Borat and films alike where the actors are making totally a fool of themselves. I definitely liked the unique / contrasting personalities, the "tough" Mafia guys vs. the nerdy mommy's-boy director. I really liked how the director was totally struggling with himself due to all these bad bad things he did and was forced to do by those badies, things he'd never thought himself being capable of, like... stealing an hugly wizard figure! Or smashing DVDs from the shelf of a video store! Haha :)! I also liked the totally hilarious break-in scene. The doormat part was totally unexpected and the following grocery shopping, especially the argument about the spices while the documentary maker was shitting his pants was so misplaced that it was really funny again :D. Or the kindergarden argument about the nice glasses, haha! Or the (attempted) bluring out of the informant's face in the church.

But I have to admit, after those scenes I've skipped a lot because it all just got too lengthy. You are having the same setting and camera angle for way too long. And very often the dialogues seem to go nowhere and repeat themselves. And although funny at first it is also quite exhausting to listen to Max's high pitched voice for a longer period of time.

I'd say all in all it was okay. You definitely have quite some potential. You came up with a lot of really good jokes, the whole thing had a very unique touch due to the very special characters. But I think a 30min. movie and spending some more time on editing could have made it a lot better.

Despite from that, I could imagine having a series of this. The Newman Brothers' and Max's personalities and dorky acting could be used for so many hilarious, different plots and themes. (somehow like The Mighty Boosh, this commercial, British comedy series also has very unique, "easygoing", hilarious characters and totally unexpected humorous moments, with a different theme in each episode. Something like that but in Newman Brothers Gangsta style :) )

Thanks for sharing!


on March 11, 2012 at 7:01am

Thanks for watching! Both Retro Films Entertainment and Substance Production have new comedy webseries in the works. We're working with larger budgets on these projects, so expect bigger and better things.