The Deadline (2009) 

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Phil Stebbing

Travelling aboard a Greenpeace ship along the West Coast of Africa The Deadline unravels a multi billion dollar pirate fishing scam. Hidden far out at sea and without surveillance fish are caught by unhygienic unlicensed rusting trawlers. Set within a high seas drama this catch is then smuggled back to port for Westerner's dinner plates with no one the wiser it has been stolen from the poorest people on the planet. Winner of Best Independent Film 32nd International Wildlife Film Festival

Phil Stebbing

For the last twenty odd years I've been making programmes and feature documentaries on a whole bunch of subjects for television broadcasters. I've won international wildlife awards for The Deadline and CSI Sharks, a film about shark finning. My filmmaking has taken me all over the world and led to some amazing adventures like shooting films for Lonely Planet in Peru, covering the earthquake in Haiti and making the Sundance festival winner Afghan Star where I had the honour of being the cinematographer. Always being the idealistic and keeping a positive face on things my aim is to make films that provoke thought and hopefully bring about some sort of beneficial social change.

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