Obama Digital (2009) 

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Pedro Sorrentino & Rodrigo Vitulli

Please note that this film is mainly in Portuguese with no subtitles.

This is a video-documentary about the role that digital media had in the 2008 presidential election for the United States of America. It analyzes Barack Obama's digital strategy for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Our main goal was to comprehend the importance and influence that all digital media can have in a political campaign, considering the innovations and availabilities of resource that the digital media has reached and the capabilities of technological tools.

The video-documentary displays the Internet as a new space of representation and a politic battlefield to mobilize coreligionists, to present government proposals, to collect funds for the campaign and to promote the ap-proach between candidate and voters.

Now we can =)

I (@pedrosorren) personally apologize for the fact that all the GCs from the video are in portuguese. Unfortunately by the time I decided to subtitle the video in English I had to use my hard disk for other films.

Here you can find more information about who was interviewed in to movie.

In order of appearance:

Antonio Graeff - CEO of Brancaleone (Digital Communication Agency) and author of this book, about digital elections. goo.gl/iULR
Eduardo Barella - Editor of international News From O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper goo.gl/ItRd
Rodrigo Teixeira - Web Strategist at Talk Interactive. Responsible for the Kassab (mayor of Sao Paulo) digital campaign goo.gl/o5c0
Pedro Dória - Editor-in-chief for online operations and the Technology Columnist at O Estado de S. Paulo, one of Brazil's major newspapers. Also a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. goo.gl/ELVV
Juliano Spyer @jasper - Web Strategist. Responsible for the digital campaign for Gilberto Kassab (current mayor of São Paulo) and Marina Silva, candidate for the presidential election in Brazil, for the 2010 election. goo.gl/11e7
Mário Alcântara - Digital Coordinator for the José Socrates 2010 (Prime Minister of Portugal) reelection campaign. Worked directly with fellows from Blue State Digital, such as Ben Self
goo.gl/Ciap Rosana Herman - Tv Producer and one of the first brazilians to start a blog. Community leader and Web 2.0 enthusiastic. Has been a Tv professional for the past 25 years. - @rosana
Ben Self -Blue State Digital partner and the responsible coordinator for Obama's (2008) Digital Strategy. goo.gl/PyOr
Cláudio Torres - Digital Marketing Consultant - Author of the Digital Marketing Bible - goo.gl/XxSo
Sérgio Amadeu - Brazilian Sociologist and Main Leader of the Open Source Community in Brazil - goo.gl/Cn2b
Gil Giardelli - CEO of Permission Adnetwork and Venture Capitalist at GV Venture. goo.gl/kEkh
Luiz Gonzales - Lua Branca (advertising agency) CEO and responsible for all (offline and online) strategy for José Serra's presidential campaign (2006 and 2010) goo.gl/Kb8D

Credits: Directed by - Pedro Sorrentino (@pedrosorren) and Rodrigo Vitulli (@rovitulli)
Edited by - Jorge Mendes, Pedro Sorrentino and Rodrigo Vitulli
Screenplay by - Pedro Sorrentino, Rodrigo Vitulli, Vinicius Viana
Research by - Pedro Sorrentino, Rodrigo Vitulli, Vinicius Viana, Julia Reina
Under the tuition of - Master's Carlos Sandano (Mackenzie Presbiterian University)
Support - Mackenzie Television Center, Bebop Production and Mirabilis Video.


Pedro Sorrentino & Rodrigo Vitulli

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