Clickin' For Love (2010) 

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Is the world of online dating full of those who can't survive in the real dating world? What is the average person's experience? Do most people find their true love, and end up as living, breathing eHarmony commercials, or do most give up in disappointment?

I went to Craigslist and posted ads seeking people who were willing to share their experiences with online dating 'the good, the bad, and the downright disturbing'. As the responses trickled in, I realized that there was much more to online dating than I initially expected.

Audrey is a forty-something, would-be actress who fell in love with a mysterious South African boat captain. Marty is an affable, middle-aged father-of-three and swinger with a 'black book' containing thousands of names who hopes to find a wife online. Colleen is a single chef who doesn't want either a one night stand or a boyfriend. She wants something in between. Thirty-something Andy uses online dating and matchmakers but hasn't found that special someone, although he did find a woman who, on their first date, offered him $100,000 to father her child.

After recording all of these insightful and sometimes crazy stories about the world of online dating, I knew I had a fantastic and original movie to make. Internet dating has been around for more than a decade, but it still isn't clear whether online dating really works. Is happily ever after a realistic goal for online daters? Find out by watching Clickin' for Love.

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on July 04, 2013 at 8am