Hungry Yellow Market (2012) 

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Oskar Peacock

HUNGRY YELLOW MARKET is a 35-minute experimental narrative film with three interlocking but disconnected stories.

In the first, an unwelcomed middle-of-the-night phone call brings ex-boyfriend Dylan to Eileen’s door. In the second, Joseph asks his brother, a psychiatrist, to help explain the nightly appearance of a ghost at the foot of his bed. In the third story, Adrian, a bored and disillusioned recent college graduate sets out on a meandering road trip with his friend Eli to find and join an anarchistic fringe community called Hungry Yellow Market.

While the stories never truly intersect, elements from one appear in the others. For instance, Adrian from the third story finds a scrap of paper on which is written a poem by Eileen from the first. The actress who plays Eileen also plays Joseph’s ghost in the second story. More importantly, these characters and their stories chart a common theme of youthful disappointment, that the self-confidence instilled by loving mothers might not lead to actual opportunities and achievements in adult lives.

Little, if anything, in the stories’ plot or its characters’ dialogue refers explicitly to this theme. Nonetheless, the emotional backbone of the film is determined by it. This backbone gives the film its uncanny coherence far more than the story’s clever plot intersections or gentle surrealistic tone.


Oskar Peacock

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