Sneeze Me Away (2010) 

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Ryan Grobins

An enchanting animation for people of all ages, especially fans of Studio Ghibli anime, as fun for young children as it is charming and psychedelic for adults. Prepare to open your eyes to a fun filled, exciting adventure, as Thomas accidentally discovers one of the worlds little known mysteries. Thomas enters a fantastic, magical world full of unexpected occurrences and wondrous sights by sneezing with his eyes open, and now must enlist the aid of strange creatures to help him find his way home again.

Sneeze Me Away is a short animated film aimed at young children, but people of all ages will enjoy the engaging storyline, wonderful sights, thrilling sounds and moving music, scored by Nicole Brady––winner of the Brian May Scholarship in Film Scoring, 2010-2012. This is the first film directed by Ryan Grobins, who has been working in the CG animation and VFX industry for over fifteen years. Nearly two years in the making with only two full-time creators and a handful of dedicated part-time helpers, it has won 9 awards and nominations and been selected for over 25 festival screenings worldwide.

Enjoy Sneeze Me Away as a free download, or support the artist and get streaming tickets to share with friends and family, along with a collection of mp3s of Nicole Brady's beautiful film score.
Visit for more information!
Win yourself a copy of The Art of Sneeze Me Away. This book showcases the rich art made during the entire production of the short animated film. Inside you will find 80 full colour pages filled to the brim with concept art, final backgrounds, information about the film, and much more. Printed on higher quality Premium Paper, this book is perfect for lovers of animation, independent film and art.
To see a preview of the book, please visit:
All you need to do to be eligible to win is tell us right here in the comments section about your favourite part of Sneeze Me Away. On April 1 2012 a random draw of all of the user names will be made and the winner will be declared in a comment by the Director, Ryan Grobins. The winner then simply needs to reply to that comment with an email address where they can be contacted for postage details.

Thank you so much for your support, and good luck!

Hyart Film Festival - Best Animation
Park City Film Music Festival - Jury Choice Gold Medal for Excellence
High Desert Shorts International Film Festival - Best Animation
California International Animation Festival - Director's Choice Award, Anime Section
Canadian International Film Festival - Award of Excellence
Kids First! Film Festival - Second, Independent Short, Ages 5-8
Australian Effects and Animation Festival - Finalist
8th Annual iP Short Film Contest - Finalist
Rome International Film Festival - Nominated, Best Animation


Jaipur International Animation Film Festival, 2011
Atlanta Underground Film Festival, 2011
Puerto Rico International Film Festival, 2011
California International Animation Festival, 2011
High Desert Shorts International Film Festival, 2011
Downtown Boca Film Festival, 2011
Sacramento International Film Festival, 2011
Athens Animfest, 2011
4th Winter International Festival of Arts, 2011
Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, 2010
African International Film Festival, 2010
River's Edge International Film Festival, 2010
Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival, 2010
Linoleum Animation Festival, 2010
Banjaluka, 2010
Flatland Film Festival, 2010
SoDak Animation Festival, 2010
Cincinnati Film Festival, 2010
Philly Film and Music Festival, 2010
Croq’Anime, 2010
Rome International Film Festival, 2010
Silicon Valley Film Festival, 2010
Hyart Film Festival, 2010
Jiff Theque, Ani Factory, 2010
Australian Effects and Animation Festival, 2010
Animation Block Party, 2010
Crystal Palace International Film Festival, 2010
Park City Film Music Festival, 2010

Ryan Grobins

After working in visual FX for the past 15 years on such films as Happy Feet and Green Lantern, I now turn to animated film making. Sneeze Me Away is my debut film as a director.

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on July 04, 2013 at 8:31am



on August 31, 2012 at 2:07pm

Only just noticed this... Thanks for selecting my comment! While it's tempting to accept it (my kids love sneeze me away), I'd probably prefer that you save the money spent getting this to me and put it towards supporting more Creative Commons film, especially kids stuff. Whether this is by donating to projects on, or going towards your next project is fine.

Thanks again for making Sneeze Me Away. There's so little good quality, creative commons stuff out there for kids, it made me very happy to find it. :)


on April 02, 2012 at 6:50am

And the winner of the Art of Sneeze Me Away book is Majestic!

Would you please be so kind to post an email address in a comment here for me to get in to contact with you, even if it is a temporary email address. Congratulations and thank you very much!


on March 01, 2012 at 12:29am



on February 25, 2012 at 7:40pm

Good art direction, although the quality of the voice acting and some lines of dialogue was distracting (eg "I'll capture you for my ******* so I can make lots of money!" ). That said, it's a real achievement with a team this small, and the painterly textures applied to 3D gives a really nice look. With some talented voice people, a quick once over by a scriptwriter and a cinematographer an you could have something really great here. The concept of multidimensional travel via sneezing is awesome.


on January 31, 2012 at 8:17am

like it


on January 21, 2012 at 11:22am

The animation style was different (in a good way). Nice twist. Quite an interesting concept all around. Might have to tape my eyes open now and see if I can match wits with Zumik. ;)


on January 07, 2012 at 5:04am

The colors were wonderful, and I liked the twist at the end.


on January 01, 2012 at 1:11pm

=))))) niceeeeeeeeee funny


on January 05, 2012 at 2:48pm

Thanks very much!

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