Trapped by the Willows (2013) 

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Alexis Brill/Hawk Zatar

Trapped By The Willows is a short film written by Alexis Brill. Spiral of Life Studios first became involved when he asked to use the song “Sailing The Spiral Seas” in it, and our participation grew from there. It is an allegory of a fisherman who takes advantage of the last days of a creek before it is mined by an energy business. Filmed in the beautiful back country of Utah.

Alexis Brill/Hawk Zatar

Alexis Brill is a long time teller of tall tales. He is trying to combine outdoor filming with strange allegorical plots. PBS Nature meets The Twilight zone if you will. Using nature to convey a spiritual or moral message is nothing new. His vision as a film maker is to use nature a a key performer, and to tell stories like Jack London in a terrifying Artaud style as opposed to Walt Disney's innocent vision created for children. Hawk Zatar is the sound engineer and editor for S.o.L. who has been working on short films for the last decade. In recent years has taken on the role of director. Hawks' first love is writing music as well as orchestrating performances.

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on June 03, 2013 at 9:14am



on March 11, 2013 at 12:37am

I think this was pretty well shot, for the most part, and generally well edited, makes good use of black and white photography, tells an interesting story, especially for the way it tells it.