Meet the team

VODO is a gang of filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers and technologists, spread from Berlin to South Wales to Vancouver to Shenyang. Dedicated to finding amazing content and getting it to you in ways that make sense.

Jamie King (Founder)

Jamie lives between Berlin, Germany and Swansea, South Wales. He was one of the creators of the STEAL THIS FILM series and former Media Evangelist at BitTorrent inc. He writes, makes documentaries and thinks a lot about how to help creators get their work out there. jamie AT vodo DOT net

Nils Hellberg (Development Leader)

Based in Bristol in the UK, Nisse is a technologist and games developer, with a background in anthropology. Before moving to England, he was a member of Piratbyran, a think-tank exploring issues around copyright and piracy in Sweden. His favourite colour is beer. nils AT vodo DOT net

Jeremy Noble (Head of Communications)

Jem has a background in philosophy and Public Relations. He's an arts and media producer with an international art practice. He lives in between the UK and Vancouver. Jem and Jamie have known each other since they were 11, and were very enthusiastic ravers by the age of 17. jem AT

Donald Harvey (Front End Development)

Donald is a physics student at Durham University in the UK and moonlights for VODO. He likes mucking about with instruments and bicycles in his spare time. He has been making a lot of money from online stuff since the age of 13, but he won't tell us what exactly what.

Chen Zhe (Back End Development

Chen is a Python programmer who lives in Shenyang, China. Chen's English name is "Fruits" because his wife loves fruits very much, This is why Chen's online name is "fruitschen", which took us a long time to work out. Chen shops for furniture at his local Ikea, which is pretty globalised of him. However, he hardly ever cooks or drinks coffee.

Nat Burch (Design)

Nat is an Interface designer based in North Wales, UK. She designed the current interface for VODO and we all like it. She is co-founder of thirtytwotrees, a dedicated design team specialising in user experience for web, mobile and desktop applications. You should hire them.

Igor Simonov (Server Admin)

Igor tries to make sure the site doesn't fall over as much as it used to. He is always online, except when he goes on holiday to Siberia. When we asked Igor why anyone would go on holiday to Siberia, he explained that this is where he was born. This page ( proves that Igor is a progessive libertarian, which is a good thing to be. Especially in Siberia.

Big Brother Bundle

The commissioned artists for the Big Brother Bundle were Iza Grun ( and David Triana ( They're both in Berlin, Germany, which means they are cooler than you. Iza is developing her own line of 3D designed, printed jewellery. David is DJing and starting up his own record label, as well as making tracks. Thanks to them both!

Want to work with us?

We're currently not hiring but are always happy to hear from interested people. Just mail us at [email protected] and tell us what it is you do and we'll be in touch if there is an opportunity to work together!