The Harvest Project (2008) 

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Darren Rozak

A tense thriller twisting its way through an ethical maze of shadowy bio-trading, backstreet surgery and law enforcement.

Personal anguish drives Professor Morteyz, a brilliant physician, into devising 'The Harvest Project'– a sophisticated underground network of organ transplants.

The ethics of the project are challenged when his young protégé falters and becomes involved in the lucrative but treacherous black market.

The university campus emerges as the perfect harvest ground for living ‘marks’. However, the project is compromised when the death of a mark attracts the attention of Detective Tzume.

When his undercover operation reveals those responsible, Detective Tzume is faced with a heart wrenching dilemma - should he bring the vigilantes to justice, or use the ‘project’ to save the life of his only daughter who is in desperate need of an organ transplant?


Follow @HPFilms and like The Harvest Project Facebook page making sure to mention VODO, for mutual follows, likes, and to show support for the filmmaker's competition bid to fundraise for his sequel movie project.


A true independent artist trying to carve my own path in the production and distribution world, I am now building support for my next big movie project, The Harvest Project: Absolution, which I aim to shoot on state-of-the-art RED digital camera technology. I am in a competition taking place from March to June 2013 to create a large social media fanbase in order to receive funding for the film, so your follows and likes will be a massive help and hugely appreciated. Thank you for your interest and social media support!"
Darren Rozak

Darren Rozak

Independent filmmaker from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Wrote, directed and produced The Harvest Project. Looking to establish a fan base and following for The Harvest Project series. The sequel, The Harvest Project: Absolution is currently in pre-production and needs support in way of fan base to make it a reality. You following and sharing on Twitter, Facebook etc would be of the greatest help in getting the next movie produced. With a strong following, the sequel could possibly be in production by mid year of 2013. If you'd like to donate a couple dollars for my coffee addiction while pre-production for the next movie takes place, by all means - I'd get to stay up those extra hours. Thanks. Darren Rozak.

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