How do we work?

VODO helps promote and distribute new creative works all over the world & enables those enjoying shared media to make donations to creators.

Putting together a bundle

A bundle starts as a twinkle in the eye of one of the VODO team. Someone sees a film, plays a game, or things that an issue is important enough to start building a bundle around.Then there is an awful lot of searching, watching, listening, playing, reading and emailing. We talk to very many creators. We persuade, we argue (nicely), we negotiate.

It's by not means all an online process. Amazingly, you sometimes have to get up from your keyboard, get out there and meet people. Any time we get invited to a festival, we'll be hoovering up films, wondering which ones we might be able to distribute. Talking to sales agents (the people who represent films for people like us) and trying to work out how the Internet can make sense for them.

We are always thinking of new ways to actually bring films to you -- in terms of how we distribute and payment models. If you think we can do better, or do different, please drop us a line!

Want to get bundled?

If you are an artist, musician or video maker and want some exposure for your work, please email us about doing a doodle or the video for a future bundle!