How to watch VODO films


Films available on VODO are free-to-share using the BitTorrent protocol. In order to watch the films you will need a BitTorrent client to download the films and a compatible video player to watch them.


When you download a film using BitTorrent there is no central server that holds all the data, instead you connect to other users, or peers, and get the film from them. There are lots of different clients to chose from but we recommend uTorrent for Windows or Transmission for OS X.

Video Player

Most VODO films are using the Xvid or h264 codecs and can be played in most modern video players. We recommend the VLC player which is free and open-source and runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.


Some of the films on VODO are also available for streaming in your web browser.

VODO Player

April 2013 will see the launch of our VODO Player, which will streamline the downloading and viewing process for all users and delivering the VODO experience directly to your desktop.

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