INVISIBLES: South America (2012) 

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Gustavo Palacios

INVISIBLES: South America is a completely new season of serialised thriller INVISIBLES, following the story of Spanish policeman, Daniel Vargas, who begins a long journey looking for his elusive brother, German, an ex Blue Helmet officer involved in the underworld of Istanbul.

INVISIBLES is much more than a thriller, it is the adventure of a lone man traveling around the world, defying all the odds, looking to understand and survive his brother's darkest secrets and relationships. For Daniel Vargas this is the journey of his life, always in danger of being deceived, betrayed or simply killed. The first stop in this series was Istanbul, now Buenos Aires and the underworld of the Triple Frontier. Next year a new destination in a new country and a new continent.

In INVISIBLES: South America, Daniel Vargas arrives in Buenos Aires carrying a virus into his body. The pharmaceutical mafias operating at the Triple Frontier want to catch him and use this deadly virus in order to spread it in Haiti. Vargas has to avoid his capture and try to stay alive. VODO presents a pack-torrent featuring the complete seven episodes of this webseries, shot in South America, starring Xavi Fontana and Yanina Zanier-Quintas.

Gustavo Palacios

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on April 18, 2013 at 1:09pm

First season is available here:


on March 06, 2013 at 11:23pm

Is there a season 1?
Seems a more logical place to start season 2.