Hunter (2009) 

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Federico Urdaneta

Set deep in the woods of Sweden, Hunter explores the tension between the meditative and the violent nature of hunting. As we sit down and listen to the old stories of Rune, images of modern hunting come into the screen in lyrical counterpoint.

Federico Urdaneta

Federico Urdaneta is an artist / film-maker / musician from Colombia. After living for 4 years in New York he moved to Italy with an artistic grant from the Fabrica center, where he realized installations exhibited in places like the Centre Pompidou in Paris and South Korea. He currently lives in London working as a director and all-around film-and-post-production-guy for clients like Squint Opera, Burberry and Paul Smith. He was recently commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum to create a series of films for the Fashion V Sports exhibition, and is in the process of directing a documentary about the upcoming solar eclipse in the country of Bhutan. For more information check out or or even http:/// if you're feeling lucky.

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