Frequently Asked Questions


Free-to-share films

Much of VODOs content is available as free-to-share releases distributed via BitTorrent on the site and from your favourite P2P site or service. We're working with uTorrent, Limewire and Vuze, as well as some of the big Torrent indexes online. We want to bring the media to you, not force you to come to us! 

Can I really share VODO films freely?

Yes. As long as you're not making commercial use out of our works, you can share them however you like.

Bundle releases

Our bundle releases are curated around a specific theme or subject and combine different media such as ebooks, music, audio plays, video games and film. You choose how much to pay and always get the base content with extra content available to unlock if you beat the current average price.


Games are made available where possible by both DRM free download and via Steam. Where downloads are available, please follow accompanying instructions.

Steam installation

1. If you don't already have the Steam Client installed, please visit and install the client.
2. Copy the Steam code provided as part of your VODO bundle
3. Open your Steam Client and navigate to Games->Activate a Product on Steam…
4. Paste the Product/Steam Key into the Product Code text box

Steam key policy

Please note that all Steam keys generated as part of Bundle promotions are considered to be personal. Only one Steam key is available per customer and PayPal account.

Bundles are offered for personal use and enjoyment on the terms stated and are in any case not licensed for redistribution by the purchaser. For the avoidance of doubt, redistribution in any form is not permitted except with the express permission of VODO Ltd. or the rightsholder specific to the content purchased.

Steam keys not working

If your Steam key doesn't work, please restart Steam and try again. Email us at info (at) if that doesn't sort it!


Ebooks are made available for direct download, DRM free, in as many formats as possible, depending on what is available from the content creator. We try and include PDF, CBZ (graphic novels only) EPUB and MOBI formats where possible.
For all Amazon Kindle devices use PDF rather than CBZ. EPUB can be converted for Kindle, with a free converter such as epubconverter

EPUB is supported by most other devices such as Nook and Kobo.
Android devices can also view EPUB files by using an app such as Aldiko or ePub Reader for Android
EPUB files can be read on iPad and iPhone devices using iBooks
CBZ files can be read on iPad and iPhone devices using Cloudreaders


Music and audiobooks are made available in 320kbps mp3 and flac formats where possible
Once unzipped, double-click files to open mp3 files with your default media applications.

Flac files:

These will play in WMP in conjunction with the Xiph codec
They can be played in iTunes for Mac in conjunction with Fluke

Playback issues

My download won't play in my computer

To play films downloaded from VODO you need to have the appropiate codecs installed on your system or use a player that can decode the video and sound automatically. If you are using Windows we have made it super easy to both download and watch films using our stand-alone VODO Player, and if you are using another operating system we recommend VLC, a free and open-source player that support all films available ton the site.

My download won't play using my Blu-ray/DVD/PS3

Our releases should be playable by most players that support Xvid or H.264 video in a Matroska container. If you know your player normally supports H.264 but still won't play the .mkv file you downloaded you might need to update your players firmware or re-mux the file so it doesn't use header compression, please see the Matroska FAQ for more information.

Submitting works

How do I submit a work to VODO?

We aren't accepting content for our Free To Share catalogue currently, but are looking for films, ebooks, music and video games for our curated bundle releases. We're always interested to find out about new work, so please email us with any suggestions.


Can I donate with bitcoin?

We are working on a more integrated way of accepting BitCoin payments but for now you can send your bitcoin to 19xdhvfp2YvM6SWoer7pkwsVvuxjjYqard and then email us to indicate which film you'd like the donation to go to. If you'd like us to credit you publically on the website, tell us your VODO account name as well.

The company

Who is working on VODO?

The core VODO team is Jamie King (UK, Founder and CEO), Nils Hellberg (Sweden, Development Leader), Jem Noble (Canada, Head of Projects), Chen Zhe (China, Lead Programmer) and Donald Harvey (UK, Programmer and Frontend Developer.)  

VODO has been in development since 2008 and was produced by conjunction with the Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation, with the support of Arts Council UK and Emerald Fund.