How VODO works for creators

Distribution – The P2P Way

We bring together creators looking for an effective way to distribute their work with P2P sites and services willing to help promote it and get it out. Into this mix we bring individual 'Influencers', who can promote works through their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

We call this the Distribution Coalition, or DISCO. It's proving very powerful. VODO's last two releases have been seen 650,000 and 850,000 times respectively, through our tracker alone. Big numbers.

How You Get Paid

After we've distributed your work, we offer various incentives for people to sponsor you. We have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for creators in this way in 2010 alone, incentivising sponsors with exciting gifts and limited-edition items. You keep 75% of all sponsorship from downloaders, and 50% of profits from merchandise made from your landing page -- for example, if we sell one VODO USB key to someone who came to us because of your work, you get a 50% cut.  

Recently, we have begun handling syndication (resale) of content for some of our creators. This provides another channel for you to make money from your work while enjoying the exposure that free-to-share distribution can bring. We share revenue from syndication 50/50 with our creators. Typically, your work can be syndicated to cable TV, satellite TV and IPTV / online streaming / mobile streaming providers.

If we decide to promote a work, we will try to find a commercial sponsor for it -- we'll offer them a preroll in front of your work. If we're able to get a sponsor, we share the revenue with you 50/50 net (i.e., after any sales commission has been taken out. It takes a long time to sell in sponsors!)

Your Own Network Of Patrons

We've recently added VODO Studios, which allows you to have your own, ongoing creative conversation with sponsors. By supporting you on a regular basis, they become distributed patrons, ensuring that you have income between projects. We share all Studio revenue with you 50/50: you receive 50% of the monthly Studio fee paid by Studio Members.   

What Are We Doing With Our Cut?

We use all of our revenue to pay our small team and to develop VODO to provide a better service for you. This includes constantly extending our reach into P2P networks and optimising the sponsorship environment to create the best possible remuneration for you. 

Okay, How Do I get Involved?

If you want to submit a film, simply start off the publishing process by registering an account and upload a film. Once your film has been approved and you're in the system, Influencers can start to pick up your work and promote it through their networks. We looks for signs of popular work, keen Influencers –– and take into account our own opinions! –– when deciding which works we'll promote as part of our monthly programme. 

You Didn't Answer My Question!

No problem. Just mail us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to tell you what you need to know!