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Short drama: 12 minutes

Director: Chema García Ibarra
Language: Spanish with English subtitles (embedded)

A quiet, strange and beautifully shot drama, in which the mundane and the mysterious collide for a worn-down housewife.

This film is available via download and stream.

Awards and Nominations
Official Section Berlinale Film Festival 2013
Official Section Sundance Film Festival 2014
European Film Awards: Best Short Film Nomination 2013
Chicago Fim Festival: Gold Hugo Award to the Best Short Film

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A short horror in which a nine-year-old boy kills his parents. The role of supernatural forces becomes apparent as the dark plot of this cleverly crafted narrative unfolds.
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El Entrepiso

Short horror, 18 minutes
Director: Sergio Busco
Language: Spanish with English subs (.srt file)

Hector is a pianist and needs to work at night to play for the day. He starts working as a night watchman in a television production company. Walking around and checking the entrance of staff are his duties. Everything seems to be under control until he goes to a forbidden zone. The mezzanine.

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Short drama, 14 minutes
Director: Andrea Pallaoro

An elderly woman and her son struggle to coexist in a house that shelters a spectacular menagerie of birds. Surrendering to their codependence, inside a world that bears no exit, they go about their bedtime ritual resisting and succumbing to each other’s needs. Within the everydayness of their gestures and movements lurks a secret, and the anticipation of what might come is the dawning question.

Awards and Selections
Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival
Winner: Best Short, Radar International Film Festival 2008
Winner: Audience Award, Bolzano Film Festival 2008
Winner: Best Short, Salento Film Festival 2008

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Bloodstoned EP

Deep and creepy, dark and definitely doomed. An awesome 8-track compilation of sinister sounds from LA-based Not Not Fun records (FLAC and 320kbps MP3). Discover 8 mesmerising artists:

Xander Harris | Austin, TX keyboard-creep maestro scavenges rat-gnawed 80’s basement horror VHS tapes to sift out the glimmering gothic goldflakes hidden within.

LA Vampires meets Zola Jesus | Collaborative haunting between So-Cal sample sister LA Vampires and neo-Siouxsie, Zola Jesus. Cold dub rhythms echo down grimy corridors while heartbroken tag-team femme howls come bleeding out of the horizon drenched in spectral delay.

Gypsy Treasures | Soundtrack for Bacchanalian rituals and dazed confusion at the electric pagoda. A heady dose of borderland hypno-wave in the mists between here and the spirit realm.

Night Burger | Soundtrack to wandering the concrete voids of North Philly alone and way too late. Throbbing and plodding cold machine beats with drained tones and lobotomized voices bleeding through the air.

Umberto | Badass evil Italo goth-synth horrorcore, bleeding subtly from 70s Argento/Carpenter-isms into an early/mid-80s creep-scape. Eerie nightmare keyboard riffs and witch-disco breakouts, with synths squelching a neon retrofuturism.

Invisible Path | Meditative and mesmerized, drugged and dissolved, plummeting to industrialized, subterranean blackness. The submerged rhythmic dimension gives a fascinatingly shadowed sense of motion, like some obscenely abstract ambient techno record pitched to 12 BPM.

Ensemble Economique | A slow-motion funereal landslide, grey clay electronics losing form, echoes of processed guitar, depressive synth mist, all drizzling down over wailing prisoner’s prayer vocals

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Lead a small, seemingly insignificant creature through a dark world riddled with obstacles in this point-and-click adventure. Classic puzzle solving in a Norse medieval world inspired by Swedish folklore.

'Utterly charming' | Rock Paper Shotgun
'Universe, story and concept are so unique that we couldn't stop playing' | Vandal

This game is available as a DRM-free download or via a Steam code. Please note: there is no customer service provided by the developer with the DRM-free version.

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Finding Teddy

A point-and-click adventure in riddles and music with multiple side quests, in which a little girl must explore and help the inhabitants of a strange land beyond her wardrobe, in order to rescue her teddy from the fleeing, thieving monster beneath the bed.

'Intriguing and enthralling adventure' | Pocket Gamer
'A delight and a surprise.' | Touch Arcade

This game is available as a DRM-free download or via a Steam code.

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Tales From The Creep'd

Masterfully deranged directors offer 4 short films straight from the land of Creepy.


Dir. Chema García Ibarra | 13 mins | Spanish with English subtitles (embedded)

Strange and beautifully shot drama in which the mundane, mystical and mysterious collide for a worn-down woman.

Official Section Berlinale Film Festival 2013 | Official Section Sundance Film Festival 2014 | Nominated Best Short Film European Film Awards | Gold Hugo Award, Best Short Film Chicago Fim Festival 2013.

El Entrepiso

Dir. Sergio Busco | 18 mins | Spanish with English subtitles (.srt)

Hector, a struggling pianist, takes a job as a night watchman in a television production company. Everything seems to be under control until he stumbles upon the mezzanine... a forbidden zone that will change his world.


Dir. Andrea Pallaoro | 14 mins

A woman and her son struggle to coexist in a house that shelters a spectacular menagerie of birds. Within their everyday gestures and movements lurks a secret. The question begins to dawn: what might be coming?

Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2008 | Best Short Radar International Film Festival 2008 | Audience Award Bolzano Film Festival 2008 |Best Short Salento Film Festival 2008


Dir. Alberto Evangelio | 10 mins | Spanish with English subtitles (embedded)

A nine-year-old boy kills his parents. The role of supernatural forces becomes apparent as the dark plot of this cleverly crafted narrative unfolds.

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Nightmare Magazine

Enjoy a 6 month subscription to this brilliant horror periodical, featuring the best in horror fiction and dark fantasy, from zombies and haunted houses, to visceral psychological terror.

Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, every issue of Nightmare brings you a mix of originals and reprints, from a variety of authors— both bestsellers and award-winners to the best new voices. Find out where horror's at, and where it’s going.

Nightmare also includes nonfiction & fiction podcasts, as well as Q&A's with authors. Each month includes two pieces of original fiction and two fiction reprints, along with a feature interview, a cover-artist showcase gallery, and a monthly editorial column, 'The H Word.' (PDF, EPUB, MOBI.)

'A Dream Come True for Genre Fans' | FearNet
'If you've been lamenting the lack of great outlets presenting full-blown horror short stories, then this is a really welcome change' | io9

Official website

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The Path

A mother sends her daughters on an errand to their sick grandmother's house in the woods. Stay on the path at all costs, they're told: wolves are hiding, just waiting for little girls to stray! Will the girls be able to resist the temptations of the forest and stay clear of danger? Can they prevent the ancient tale from being retold?

"8.10: The Path is a work of frightening and exceptional beauty that will take root in your psyche" Kevin VanOrd, Game Spot

"You won't forget it." Charles Onyett, IGN

This game is available as a DRM-free download or via a Steam code.

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Sang Froid

Action and strategy in an epic folktale, co-written by Artifice Studio with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf). As the full moon rises, two feuding brothers will have to put aside their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself!

'Inventive, supernatural mash-up. Absolutely worth possessing - demonically or otherwise' | Gamespot
'Part defense game, part action, it looks rather spiffy' | Rock Paper Shotgun

This game is available as a DRM-free download or via a Steam code.

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A Stranger in Olondria

A vivid and haunting celebration of language and storytelling in a world of ghosts, treachery and mystery. A Stranger in Olondria is a rich and heady brew which pulls the reader in deep with twists and turns like the Gormenghast novels, as immersive as Game of Thrones. (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).

Nebula Award Nominee

'Gloriously vivid and rich' | The Guardian, Best Science Fiction Books of 2013

'Sofia Samatar is a merchant of wonders, and A Stranger in Olondria is a bookshop of dreams' | Greer Gilman, Cloud & Ashes

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The Furry Trap

A harrowing and genre-bending collection of modern horror short stories that could curl the toes of a corpse. Josh Simmons offers a disturbing, uncomfortable and confrontational journey through straight, uncompromising horror; blackly humorous, satirical riffs on the genre; and vicious assaults on political correctness.

Each of the 11 stories in The Furry Trap stands as a mini-masterpiece of skin-crawling terror, but collectively complement each other in a way that only heightens the anxiety and dread pouring from page to page. Just remember: You’ve been warned! (PDF,CBZ)

Top Comic of the Year| The Weekly Crisis       Best Damn Comics of the Year | Boing Boing

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The Really Creepy Bundle (expired July 1, 2014)

Join us for an adventure to the dark side... a potentially perilous adventure into the inclement world of... The Really Creepy Bundle. Chilling games, fearsome fiction, seriously spookyshort films, bloodcurdling music, literally terrifying literature, and a highly disturbing (and massively entertaining) graphic novel.

Dare you crack open the creepiest bundle of them all – support our inspiring independent creators, help charity, and make off with some great, great content for yourself?

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