Zombie Pix (2011) 

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A Halloween Party and Costume/Makeup/Wardrobe inspiration! Downloaded over 15,000 times, Zombie Pix is a free Zombie Walk movie with Zombified Music designed to be watched at your next Theme party or Halloween event. It's sort of a documentary, simply because events from all over the world have been recorded, and the Costumes and Makeup are a terrific source for those looking for inspiration. It's a movie that takes you to Zombie Proms, Thriller Dances, and Zombie Walks/Crawls and parties from across the globe. Produced and Edited by Dean Lachiusa with the crowdsourced help of photographers and videographers: DaveyNin, ManaJunke-HisNameIs, ReynoldJames, Saer, AliciaRae, Rossaroni, Estro-BrendanRiley-LloydCrew-Pzombiegalaxy, TsarKasim-Heathervescent-EmilyBL-Zlordashx-ZombieNationFriends-TheMindofMany, Artomatic09, Fiseha Hailemichael, Tangibertin, Wolfsinger, TimbreByHarmonicChoir, BabyZombieBluesByTeeterCrain,Zakoda, MarcoX, DustinCoates, CarosoneFreedom_in_my_voice, BryanGosline, Moog, Marcox, HellNegative-TheHorde, TibbyGirl, Madmarv, TsarKasim, Charkesw, SomebodyElse, Technochick, AteoFiel, Memekiller, ZombieAwesomeColor, nasa, BrendanRiley, EricIngrum, Tentaculo-OfBeingDead, CorsicaS, Zaskoda-MartinCathrae-IStolTv-MistaGregory-ZeroIdRatherBeDeadZombie,DaveHogg, EverFalling, Mjuzenas, Alexis-Fido Ft Yaviah,Secretly Ironic-Doviende-Noise Collector, Cringing From You, plus Dean Lachiusa and the talents of Aaron Farrington. See also: www.MetroFilmFestival.com



Certified AVID editor. Imdb accredited 2nd AD, writer, Director, producer and general crewman. See ApprovedStudios.com

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on September 09, 2012 at 2:45am

www.zombiepix.com is now the biggest destination for Zombie movies. Watch a free undead movie anytime. And if you're a filmmaker publicize and stream your Creature Feature too. Visit my Zombie Pix site or network with me on facebook.com/DeanLach


on October 11, 2011 at 12:53pm

good pic for the coming Halloween...


on October 12, 2011 at 7:15pm

Thanx Romancos, nice to know folks will play Zombie movies like mine during the Halloween season.


on October 03, 2011 at 10:24pm

I love zombie movies.


on October 09, 2011 at 8:32pm

Thanx! Traveling and recording Zombie Walks requires....allot of walking!


on September 02, 2011 at 4:22am

Dean: Until I figure out the best way to list my movie's (alternate) titles: Most Beautiful Zombie
Most Beautiful Zombiepix
I hope you can find the movie by the above meta-search and via:

And these are some of the folks who helped me: Eric Ingrum, ManaJunke-HisNameIs, ReynoldJames, ManaJunke-HisNameIs, Saer, AliciaRae, Rossaroni,copr2011dl, Estro-BrendanRiley-LloydCrew-Pzombigalaxy, TsarKasim-Heathervescent-EmilyBL-Zlordashx-ZmbiNationFriends-TheMindofMany, Artomatic09, Fiseha Hailemichael, Tangibertin, Wolfsinger, TimbreByHarmonicChoir, BabyZombieBluesByTeeterCrain,BryanGoslie, Zakoda, MarcoX, DustinCoates, CarosoneFreedom_in_my_voice, copr2011dl,BryanGosline, Moog, Marcox, HellNegative-TheHorde, TibbyGirl, HawaiiMadmarv, MontrealTsarKasim, WyomingCharkesw, VancouverSomebodyElse, Technochick, AteoFiel, Memekiller, ZmbieAwesomeClr, UticaDetroit,Wnasa, BrendanRiley, EricIngrum, Tentaculo-OfBeingDead, CorsicaS, Zaskoda-MartinCathrae-IStolTv-MistaGregory-ZeroIdRatherBeDeadZ,aveHogg, EverFalling, Mjuzenas, Alexis-Fido Ft Yaviah,Secretly Ironic-Doviende-Noise Collector, Cringing From You.Copr2011DL