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I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

Based on the short story by Harlan Ellison. An insane computer has taken over the world – and the last people on Earth are trapped deep within its subterranean workings. Gorrister the suicidal loner. Benny the mutilated brute. Ellen the hysterical phobic. Nimdok the secretive sadist. Ted the cynical paranoid. It's time for them to play a little game....

GameRankings: 77%
"Best Dark Game of 1996" - Digital Hollywood
"Best 15 Sleepers of All Time" - Computer Gaming World

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam.
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Discover the vast, invisible world of government secrecy - a world where secret knowledge dwarfs what is openly published. Is such secrecy really the key to victory in the 'war on terror', or does it have other, more hidden reasons? This film takes us inside the inverted world of government secrecy as we share the experiences of lawyers, CIA analysts, and the ordinary people for whom secrecy becomes a matter of life and death

"Smart and unexpected...an incisive examination of some of the key issues of our time." - LA Times
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%

* Please note that this film is currently available as a (lifetime) stream only, but we'll be making it available as a direct download for all purchasers.
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Screenshot of Subatomic


What happens when the U.S. government decides that the greatest threat to society is its own population? As the war on terror escalates, secret spy agency ATOM finds itself at the forefront of a revolutionary new trend in espionage. But after one of their own unexpectedly resigns, ATOM becomes trapped at the center of a generational crisis that threatens to undo everything America's spy agencies have fought to accomplish.

"A tight little tale about a big messy world - not too much unlike our own." - Douglas Rushkoff
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Screenshot of Immortal Technique - Surveillance EP

Immortal Technique - Surveillance EP

This collection of tracks from hip hop artist Immortal Technique centers on issues around government control, surveillance and conspiracy. Born in Peru, Immortal Tech's aggressive style gained him instant notoriety as a battle rapper, and his first album was a word-of-mouth sensation. He has remained completely independent from the mainstream music industry, and this EP is curated in collaboration with his label Viper Records.

"Vicious, unrelenting, uncompromising, venomous, blunt, intelligent, articulate, political, revolutionary.... until you hear Immortal Technique you just won't understand." - HipHop DX
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Hacker Evolution Duality

Hacker Evolution Duality is a hacking simulation game, developed by exosyphen studios. Based on the successful Hacker Evolution game series, it has been completely redesigned to offer an impressive and new gaming experience.

Official website

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam.
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Shadows of Liberty

The archetypal film that "they" don't want you to see – an intrepid journey through the darker corridors of the American media. 90 per cent of the media in the U.S.A. are controlled by five masive corporations - a different side of the Big Brother story, where exposés that will hurt profit or carefully crafted public images never make it to the evening news, daily papers or website. Includes media critics and activists Danny Glover, Daniel Ellsberg (The Pentagon Papers) and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

"Asks consumers to look critically at what they are being told, and seek out what they are not." - Toronto Star
RottenTomatoes: 89%

† This film is available as stream-only currently, but will be made available as a direct download for all bundle purchasers -- we're working on it! Unfortunately, it can not be streame or downloaded from Australia.
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Screenshot of 1st 10,000 customers: A month's VPN from IPredator

1st 10,000 customers: A month's VPN from IPredator

IPredator was launched in 2009 as a response to a growing trend of Internet censorship, in restrictive regimes as well as so-called open societies. IPredator provides you with an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the Internet. We are hiding your real IP address behind one of ours.

More information about the service and offer is available on the IPredator site.
* Please note that this is only available for the first 10,000 bundle orders
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Screenshot of Schneier On Security

Schneier On Security

You take off your shoes in the airport. You scan the supermarket's "preferred customer" card to get the sale price. You claw your way through tamper-resistant packaging for a couple of aspirin. You accept all these inconveniences in the name of security. But are you any safer?

Bruce Schneier, world-renowned security technologist, recognizes that the ultimate security risk is people. The bestselling author of Secrets and Lies explains why many security practices are in fact security risks, and how we can truly become safer — not only online, but also on airplanes, at work, at school, and in our daily lives. In a world grown increasingly paranoid, Schneier makes a compelling case for common sense.

"One of the world's foremost security experts." - Wired
"A security guru." - The Economist
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Screenshot of The Homeland Directive

The Homeland Directive

An espionage-and-conspiracy-theory drama centering on a biological threat to the United States and a research doctor at the Center for Disease Control who may hold the key to solving the crisis. When Laura Regan's research partner is murdered she is blamed for the crime, she finds herself at the heart of a vast and deadly conspiracy. Aided by three rogue federal agents who believe the government is behind the frame-up, Laura must evade law enforcement, mercenaries, and a team of cyber-detectives who know more about her life than she does—all while trying to expose a sinister plot that will impact the lives of every American.

New York Time Bestseller; Best Story, Harvey Awards 2012

"The Homeland Directive is a tight, suspenseful technothriller.... A great, paranoid read for the modern age." - Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
"Demands edge-of-your-seat attention while raising serious questions about terrorism, personal privacy, and government responsibility." - Library Journal
"One of the most beautifully illustrated original graphic novels in recent memory" - The Comics Journal
"The conspiracy at the heart of this superbly paced thriller makes the Illuminati and the New World Order look like rank amateurs." - Garrett Martin, Paste Magazine
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The Big Brother Bundle (expired Nov. 18, 2013)

Edward Snowden has left us with no doubt: we all need to know more about the powerful forces that are collecting, storing and analysing data on us. We asked Wikileaks' Daniel Domscheit-Berg to help us put together this essential collection of games, graphic novels, documentaries, music and books from some seriously talented creators. From the underground to the conspiratorial to the useful and informative -- it's all here! Every purchase supports non-profit, Fight For The Future, helping to keep the Internet free for all of us.

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6,450 people paid a total of $18,622.83 for this great bundle!

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A gang of filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers and technologists, spread from Wales to Germany, Canada to China . We’re dedicated to finding amazing content and getting it to you in ways that make sense. Meet our people.

& what do we do?

A good deal of searching, watching, listening, playing and reading. We consult a network of hardcore enthusiasts in their fields. Then we email, persuade, negotiate and cajole. We commission art and music and wrap it all up in an amazing release. Find out how we do it.

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    Erik Martin, General Manager, Reddit

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Our chosen charity

Fight for the Future is an NGO known for viral organizing and creating the protests that beat SOPA. Together with internet users everywhere, we're building a growing network that can protect our basic rights and freedoms. We're dedicated to bringing people together to rally around the transformative powers the internet has over our lives. The US government surveillance programs have become the largest threat to democratic culture we've faced. That's why we're creating the apparatus, including inroads, messages and strategies to mass protests, that have the power to shut mass surveillance down. FFTF's role is essential to the fight -- we have always come up with the creative strategy and built the defining moments that help our side win -- we've never lost.


How does it work?

Bundles have been around for a while generating great exposure for indie games, audio and books and we figured we could spice things up a bit and offer them all at once, bringing film into the equation too! It's like what we've done before, offering different kinds of goodies when you donate to a film, but this time it's all up front and in the mix. Working with a great collection of producers, our first transmedia bundle brings together different kinds of awesome story-telling and entertainment around a single theme - in this case, celebrating the work and influence of cult American Horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

Curated by Tomas Rawlings, one of the creators of hit indie game Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, the bundle has seven content contributors, each of whom gets an equal share in 70% of all bundle proceeds. VODO gets 25% and 5% goes to our chosen charity for this campaign, Fight For the Future – dedicated to protecting and expanding access to information and internet freedoms worldwide. Pay-What-You-Want for this awesome offer to reward the brilliant creators involved, and you're doing your bit for charity too!

What do I pay?

Pay-What-You-Want means just that! Choose an amount that works for you and you get links to the bundle content. This includes permanent streaming access to the movie, with game, audio and ebook download links. The average price that people are paying for the bundle is figured on a rolling basis and if you choose to pay more than this, you get a whole bunch of other stuff too - Steam codes for more awesome games and more great special-edition ebook and audio book delights. Bonus! The bundle is only on offer for a few weeks though, so grab it while you can!

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Due to licensing restrictions, you will not be able to stream Shadows of Liberty from Australia. The film will still be added to your online library and can be streamed from anywhere else in the world.

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