Ylem (2012) 

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Jo Lawrence

Artist: Jo Lawrence

HD Video; 16:9; animation; sound
00:03.29 | 2012

Deep inside the World-machine a glitch triggers a terminal malfunction. Time passes and an interplanetary scientist materializes on Earth to collect samples of ‘Ylem’ from the dead planet. Returning to her home planet she creates a small and perfect facsimile of the world in her laboratory, but the experiment is ultimately flawed.

Ylem was one of five films commissioned on the theme of Apocalypse for ‘Random Acts’ by Animate Projects and Lupus Films for Channel 4 (UK). The film was produced using stop motion animation of objects and materials, photography and mixed media elements.

The word Ylem reportedly comes from an obsolete Middle English philosophical word that physicist and cosmologist George Gamow's assistant Ralph Alpher came across in a dictionary, which means something along the lines of ‘primordial substance from which all matter is formed’.

Jo Lawrence

Jo Lawrence’s films integrate stop motion animation, puppetry, photography and mixed media elements. During her animation residency at Bradford’s National Media Museum, Jo developed ‘Glow’, commissioned by Channel 4 and screened in 2007. In 2008 she was Digital Media Artist in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where she began development of ‘Glover’, produced in response to research of two items in the museums collections - the medieval Ebstorf map and an exquisite pair of sixteenth century gloves. All films have been screened widely at animation festivals and ‘Glover’ was nominated for inclusion in the finals of the British Animation Awards.

The production of Pavementopera commissioned for Tate Britain (Tate Late ’09 ) has been followed in 2012 by ‘Barnet Fair’ for the National Media Museum and ‘Ylem’; an Animate Projects commission for Channel 4’s Random Acts which also won the Screengrab Media Award 2012. More recent films include a digital interactive opera ‘The Land of Lace’, commissioned by The Mahogany Opera Group, and the sting for Bradford’s 2015 animation festival.

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