Metropolitan Triangle Garden (2014) 

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Rui Hu

Artist: Rui Hu
HD Video, 16:9, animation, sound
00:03:54 | 2014

In this experimental 3D animation, Classical sculptures in the museum participate in a destructive performance triggered by software glitches, distortions, and misused simulation, turning the space into a madhouse theatre with both classical beauty and digital chaos. It attempts to connect the sense of space, history, turmoil, and transformation to the idea of technological sublime in a twisted way.

Rui Hu

‘I am drawn to the fictional and the imaginary while surrounded by a culture where functionality is the prioritized value, and where the entertainment industry is the monopoly of the imaginary space providing easy fantasy and quick stimulation. I am also interested in computation, especially its use to create visual experience. The way 3D computer graphics is used in mainstream movies and video games reflects our desire to control and escape – a rejection to the deficiency and boredom of reality.’

’In this context, I want to appropriate physical and virtual reality as spaces for the subconscious to emerge. With most of my work, I misuse 3D technology in a playful way and remake familiar objects and environments, hoping to create poetic or unsettlin experiences that could channel some fleeting or buried human emotion. I pull objects and places from memory, dreams, or literary sources in order to re-visit them – this time prepared and voluntarily – but also to externalize them and bring viewers in, as an attempt to communicate.’

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