Her Name is Herman (2013) 

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Abigail Sidebotham

Artist: Abigail Sidebotham
HD Film; Cinemascope (21:9); sound
00:15:05 | 2013

Her Name is Herman is a film about longing, masculinity and desire. It follows the true story of a farmer who, in 1976, through a definitive premonition discovered a huge unexploded WWII ‘Herman’ bomb buried deep beneath the ground on the Gower Peninsular in Wales. Weighing one ton and with a length of 2.5 meters this buried and alienated relic of history is seen as an archetype of trauma and the pursuit to reach and defuse it a masculine principle of conquest.

This seemingly marginal story from the recesses of the 20th Century attains through lengthy scenic shots and slow-weighted sentences almost mythological proportions.

Abigail Sidebotham

‘I’m an artist - filmmaker and I'm interested in stories. I believe that they often tell much more than they say. Sometimes the real meaning of a story is what bubbles up from within. I attempt to get right to the core of a story, to make sense of its specific principles, to discover the essence of its desires and drives and its internal mechanisms. I bend down, get close and listen to it groan.’

Written and Directed by Abigail Sidebotham
Narrated by Bethan Harvey
Director of Photography - Daniel Grasskamp
Location Sound Recordist - Tom Whetmore
Studio Sound Recordist - Matthew Twaites
Editing - Abigail Sidebotham
Sound Design - Abigail Sidebotham and Matthew Twaites

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