Cut Out (2014) 

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Guli Silberstein

Artist: Guli Silberstein
HD Video, 16:9; Sound
00:04:19 | 2014

A radiant, energetic girl is shouting and punching the empty space in front of her. She is roughly cut out from her surroundings by a computer algorithm struggling to contain her. Her enemies are rubbed off the frame, sound is removed and music added, emphasizing her anguish and anger. Is she real? Is she a dream? Gradually, more fragments of the scene are revealed, and the context is made clearer. The video-processing highlights the documented scene as image, both of a fight for freedom, and a media event.

Guli Silberstein

Guli Silberstein is an Israeli-born (1969), London-based video art maker and curator. He received a BA in Film & TV from Tel-Aviv University in 1997, and a MA in Media Studies, specialising in digital video and media art, from The New School for Social Research, NYC, USA in 2000. His video works and artistic interests deal with situations of violence and oppression, cognitive processes and electronic media. Guli has been extensively presenting his work in diverse artistic contexts such as festivals, screening shows, museums, galleries and online, including: Transmediale Berlin, Centre Georges Pompidou, Kassel Film and Video Festival, EMAF Osnabrueck Germany, ‘Human Frames' exhibition Lowave Paris, The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa, Museum on the Seam Jerusalem and the National Centre of Contemporary Art Moscow.

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