Ascension Ceiling (2014) 

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Sean Vicary

Artist Sean Vicary
HD Video, 16:9, animation, sound
00:03:12 | 2014

Ascension Ceiling was inspired by Baroque illusionistic painting and explores the omnipotent viewpoint of drone operators. The work is a response to the continued use of local airspace for the testing of military drones based at the West Wales UAV centre in Aberporth near the Artist's home. It makes use of audio testimony from military UAV operators, particularly that of former U.S. Air Force pilot Brandon Bryant who served as a sensor operator for the Predator program from 2007 to 2011.

The film raises questions of observation and complicity, constructing an animated re-imagining of the world ‘Di sotto in sù’ (seen from below).

Sean Vicary

Sean Vicary is an artist based in West Wales, his work deals with our increasingly politicized relationship to the ‘natural’ world and his moving image pieces have been broadcast in the UK and exhibited worldwide.

Often working site-sensitively he is drawn to investigating the links between the subjective, scientific and social/ historical aspects of place; in particular those that are obscure or concealed, making connections and teasing out the hidden processes at play behind the visible. Recent work has explored these ideas through animated assemblages, projections and augmented reality apps. These act as triggers for the viewer, sometimes suggestive of a wider narrative.

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