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Far Out bundle

The Far Out bundle

Discover dozens of talented creators and their wonderfully cracked, skewed and off-kilter games, films, comics, books and music in a bundle that will positively bend your mind. VODO's mission: bring you the freshest, amazingest stuff from the undiscovered frontiers of digital content. This is a bundle that puts you not just ahead of the curve but far beyond it... deep in to weird-space. It’s quite simply a mind-bending, WTF-ing, OMG-ing, can’t-be-useen kind of bundle. We call it FAR OUT.

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Who is VODO?

A gang of filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers and technologists, spread from Wales to Germany, Canada to China. We’re dedicated to find amazing content and bring you the best free film downloads, game bundles and transmedia indie bundles. Meet our people.

& what do we do?

A good deal of searching, watching, listening, playing and reading. We consult a network of hardcore enthusiasts in their fields. Then we email, persuade, negotiate and cajole. We commission art and music and wrap it all up in an amazing release. Find out how we do it.

VODO is discovering & distributing amazing indie content... stuff that all too often gets lost in the digital noise

Erik Martin, General Manager, Reddit

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